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Our mission at the Acupuncture Center is to help patients achieve their reproductive health and wellness goals. We use TCM principles to create optimal health for couples looking to become pregnant as well as to address indications specific to women from pre-teen through menopause.

pain relief.

Acupuncture can treat many injuries and enhance sports performance. It is a comprehensive approach to treating pain, sports injuries, work injuries, and postural imbalances, as well as promoting  athletic performance and improving range of motion.


In addition to treating infertility and pain issues, we also have had great success treating other indications that arise during the course of treatment such as allergies, skin conditions,  stress management, digestive issues, respiratory, circulatory, emotional and psychological disorders and much more.

our clinic

Many patients are looking for a safe, effective, holistic treatment approach towards achieving their health and wellness goals. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which utilizes acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutrition has been used for over two thousand years to treat patients for a variety of indications.

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Stories of success

I want to take a moment to thank you. Without you and your facility as well as your love and guidance, I truly believe I would not be here holding my son. It was a really difficult 2 years for me mentally and psychically. I got through it putting my trust into your beliefs, positivity and way of life. You are so gifted and I thank you for helping me achieve my goals and receiving the greatest gift for our family.

I had three visits. I have had headaches every day for three years. I just wanted to thank you for making a huge difference in my everyday life. I do not miss my headaches. The office is very friendly. The service is excellent and treatments are effective immediately. I will recommend your practice to others.

Dear Candace,
You are wonderful, professional, warm, knowledgeable and sensitive. My first meeting with you could not have been better. If you treat everyone like you treated me, your business will thrive and your clients will get well. You’re a ten!