As an aging athlete that is approaching 40, I have been experiencing many aches and pains that were not going away. I had shooting pain in my left foot near my second toe. Since I wear dress shoes all day, the pain would get worse as the day went on. Also, when I would run on the treadmill, I could feel the pain every time I planted my foot. I was treated by the ACFH and after 4 treatments the pain was resolved. A month later, I strained my wrist putting together a stool. I thought it would go away with some ice and rest however, the pain persisted for another month and a half. I went back to the Acupuncture Center and was treated. 90% of the pain was gone after the first treatment, a week later I felt some pain however not as bad as before. I went in for three more treatments and haven’t had pain since. If I have pain in the future, I won’t think twice about going back. I was pleased with both outcomes and would highly recommend this group.