I was not sure about taking the herbal medicine she offered as part of her treatment as the herbal medicines never agreed with me. Candace insisted I try first and if the herbal medicine didn’t work she would try something else. It’s been eight months now and my tongue has returned to its normal color most of the time, my thyroid problem is almost under control, I very rarely have reflux unless its taco night (hey, you have to live a little). I seem to be a challenge for Candace as I have so many ailments but she constantly thinks how I can benefit from her treatments and new ideas for me to try. Candace has a warm, friendly, caring approach and she really wants to see marked improvements in her patients. Although her specialty is in reproductive health and I’m a male she made it known to me that she is an acupuncturist/herbalist and she treats all conditions that are treatable through her specialty. I’m very happy to have met Candace and that she is involved in my care and well being. Thank you for your patience in listening to me ramble on when my mind is troubled. Both my wife and I will continue to go to Candace for our well being and continued maintenance.