Thank you so much for your services! Because of you, we have a beautiful, wonderful one year old girl-the joy of our life! Before seeing you, my husband and I had been trying for a baby for five years. After many IUI and IVF cycles, I had gotten pregnant three times-and had three miscarriages. While I have endometriosis, the doctors didn’t think it was related and couldn’t find a cause. They told us to start using donor eggs or adopt instead. I was only 34 years old! I came to see you for one last chance. Immediately upon starting acupuncture, taking herbal therapy, and correcting my diet (no sugar, no bread, warm food), I started seeing amazing changes in my body. My endometriosis improved as my periods were less painful and healthier. My blood pressure normalized and my stomach was no longer cold to the touch. I even started ovulation around day 14 instead of day 11. After 90 days, I was ready to try another IUI cycle. Before the cycle even started, I told my infertility doctor that this time was going to work because of all the amazing changes I had witnessed in my body over the last few months. He told me not to get my hopes up too high as I was a difficult case. Sure enough, I got pregnant that cycle with our daughter! Our doctor was totally shocked (and a little embarrassed!). I’m totally convinced that your assistance helped rebalance my hormones and made all the difference. (W. came back the following year and got pregnant quickly with her second baby.) W