I met Candace when my wife started treatment with her; afterward I had become a patient with Candace off and on. My medical history took an unexpected twist with Thyroid problems (hypothyroidism), ulnar pain in the right forearm, tendinitis in the left elbow, a very red purplish tongue, very high cholesterol, bad reflux disease, sleep apnea, insomnia, neck pain, feet pain, fatigue, memory impairment, and a feeling of malaise. A lot of symptoms all attacking me at the same time. The different physicians I made appointments with just counted me as another number and only took care of what they specialized in. Most couldn’t care less about ‘you’ and very rarely did they look you in the face as they were inputting into their laptop the many questions thrown at you. Candace treats the whole person. She is very caring, thoughtful and non judgmental. Candace gives you the time to express your symptoms and will answer all your questions and concerns. She insists that you have to help yourself as well so the process will be notably faster. I know the process will take time as it accumulated over time as well.