ACRH was a God send to my husband and I. We tried having a baby for over 17 months. We went through fertility treatments including 3 months of clomid with IUI’s…nothing worked. I’ve always been fond of “natural” treatments and decided to look into acupuncture. After talking with a few different acupuncture centers, my husband found ACRH. This was the only center we found that dealt specifically with infertility. We were excited BEFORE we even talked to Candace. Once we talked with Candace on the phone about our concerns we became even more excited and couldn’t wait to start. She made us feel so comfortable and confident. After walking in to her office depressed and frustrated, each week helped us to “lighten up”. Candace asked us to give her 6 months and we agreed. Only 3 months later, I was pregnant!!! I couldn’t believe it…until the morning sickness hit. If anyone out there is timid about acupuncture, I will be the first to tell you THAT IT WORKS…I am a true believer!! If you are in the same situation I was in, you have nothing to lose, it’s the best decision I ever made. Thank you Candace…if it wasn’t for you, I would probably still be sitting in the office of the fertility clinic, not to mention, in debt up to my eyeballs!! BN