I originally came to ACRH because my husband and I were having trouble conceiving children. I originally started seeing Candace for fertility issues but then it became so much more. I realized she could help me with my anxiety, fertility, and give us hope. We did three IUI’s and three fresh cycles of IVF and two frozen cycles. We were expecting triplets. It was the most incredible time of our lives and we were in complete shock. Then due to unfortunate circumstances we lost one of the babies at 29 weeks. Candace didn’t let me give up. She knew that the best was yet to come on March 30th and yes she was correct. We gave birth to twins. It was the best day of my life. Candace is incredible at what she does and she truly believes in you. She always made me feel comfortable and she waited until I was ready to go onto the next step. Candace is full of knowledge and willing to try new things. She always took the time to listen and was committed to her clients. She is a true angel and has made our dreams come true. I want to wish Candace the best of luck. Take care of your beautiful family and I will see you soon. Love, N