My name is M.P., I am a 62 year old female.  I lifted a large bag of gardening soil and thus pulled out my back.  I have had various aches, pains and sprains in my back but this was different, in that the pain would not go away.  I was on complete rest for a month,  on medication and saw doctors regularly, but the pain was bad.  It was diagnosed as sciatica.  A nurse at the doctors office recommended acupuncture and gave me a card for the Acupuncture Center.  I always thought that acupuncture was well, weird.  I had no idea what the process entailed but decided to give it a try.  It certainly couldn’t hurt and may possibly help.  I met Candace and other kind people at the Center.  Everyone was very friendly and calm.  Acupuncture really helped me-I don’t know how but it did.  I remember not being able to walk from my car to the door of the Center.  Candace always asked how my pain was and where the pain was.  We had a fine partnership for the nine sessions.  Today could be my last session, I’m glad and sad to say.  I would recommend this Center to anyone with this type of pain which is difficult for conventional medicine to treat.  You should try it and allow your imagination to influence you-at least not in this instance.