Success Stories – PAIN RELIEF

I recently saw Hannah for nerve pain in my shoulder

“I recently saw Hannah for nerve pain in my shoulder that wasn’t being relieved from a chiropractor or massages.  She asked all the right questions and was very knowledgeable and able to give me relief that I wasn’t able to get elsewhere.  I didn’t feel rushed through my appointment and was able to relax.  They were also very clean and sanitary.  I heard her wash her hands multiple times.  I highly recommend her and the center. “ – C.F

My knee pain will no longer keep me from riding my bike

Having been an athlete all of my life, becoming sedentary due to chronic knee pain was an awful feeling, both physically and mentally. Thankfully, I heard about The Acupuncture Center and went for an evaluation with Mike. I could tell from the start that he is knowledgeable and passionate about getting to the root of the problem and he did not let me down.  My knee pain will no longer keep me from riding my bike thanks to Mike.




I went to Michael for my 16 year old daughter who is a school athlete

I went to Michael for my 16 year old daughter who is a high school athlete. She had been going to PT and her pain was “managed” but not gone. With the amount of training she did, she felt pain when she played. Michael was amazing with her. She went for about 8 weeks before she went to a big tournament and was amazed to find that she had no pain at all. She has gone to clinics where she has logged 11 miles of hard running and play and still no pain!!! Michael has been a life saver.

Love this place

Love this place. The acupuncture is helpful and improves my back pain. The staff is always friendly and inviting. I feel very comfortable coming here. – M.T.

Michael is an amazing acupuncturist

Michael is an amazing acupuncturist and an all around great person. I’ve received acupuncture treatment from him for years for a wide variety of issues including orthopedic joint and muscle pain along with other successfully treatable issues like aggressive seasonal allergies and being overly stressed out, mentally and physically. Michael takes the time to listen before treatment and he treats the body as a whole, not just the chief complaint. I have his found his individualized holistic approach, acupuncture, and Eastern Medicine to be a great compliment to conventional medical treatment and physical therapy. If you have never tried acupuncture treatment before but are considering it, this would be the place to go! – A.T.

As a competitive weight lifter in my mid 30s

As a competitive weight lifter in my mid 30s, body maintenance is one of the most critical components to my success and there is no better practitioner than Michael. There have been numerous occasions he’s helped me continue to train and even heal when I thought for sure I would have to quit. I would highly urge anyone athlete or otherwise to see him for treatment whether it be for pain management, muscle issues, or even to simply help promote relaxation and healthy recovery. Michael is truly a one of a kind professional and person. – J.M.

I had a pinched nerve in neck caused major pain

I had a pinched nerve in neck caused major pain in left arm first & then later in the right arm. Pain in both the left and right arms appears to be alleviated/eliminated for the most part. Overall outcome is definitely satisfactory. I would recommend others to have acupuncture treatments. I took a three pronged approach to dealing with this pinched nerve in my neck due to herniated spine disks (chiropractic care, acupuncture treatments and epidermal/anti inflammatory/cortisone family neck injection). – BM

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