We have been trying for over a year to get pregnant.  When we finally did, I suffered a devastating miscarriage and did not know where to turn.  Doctors told me I would have to see a fertility specialist and at the very least use fertility drugs to bring on ovulation.  I wanted a more holistic, natural approach and couldn’t be happier that I found Candace at the Acupuncture Center.

I began meeting with Candace just two weeks after the miscarriage.  I had appointments once a week.  I followed Candace’s dietary guidelines and took the herbs she prescribed.  The treatments and herbs helped me to heal both physically and emotionally.  They helped me to relax and relieved my stress.  I enjoyed talking to Candace each week because she genuinely cared about me as an idividual.  She even got rid of a nagging cough that had always pestered me!  But best of all, I ovulated without any use of fertility drugs AND got pregnant after just three months of treatment!  I continued to see Candace for treatments every week during my first trimester.  The treatments helped ease the nausea and some of my anxiety because I was so nervous after the outcome of my first pregnancy.  I still go for treatments once a month and I feel like my baby and I are in such good hands with Candace and acupuncture.  I’m due in early March and I truly believe that I have Candace and the Acupuncture Center to thank for this little miracle!

I have already recommended others to the Acupuncture Center!